Fancy Pants Manicures on Pinterest

I was trying to explain to my husband what Pinterest is, and I couldn’t.

It is too magical to put into words.

It is a fantasy world that shows you what your best life can look like, and it gives you tips for how to go for it. It is also a worm-hole that can turn 20 minutes into 2 hours. But you feel so inspired and excited after those 2 hours are up that you ain’t even mad!

Recently I’ve been looking for photos on Pinterest of super fancy and expensive manicures that I can recreate with my product. And they last just as long and look just as pretty.

So without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to last week’s project!


My favorite part of doing this manicure, (other than not having to wait for it to dry, which is always my favorite) is that I did it live in my Facebook group and got to hang out with my customers and friends and talk about all the steps. It’s so fun to show people how simple and fun this dry polish is! You can watch the video on my YouTube channel!

I’d love to do more Pinterest manis in the future! If you find an irresistible one in the future, let me know! You can follow my boards at NailYourLook. I hope we can connect over there!



The colors I used were, Charleston Blush, Only in Vegas, and Tinseltown. You can see all the shades in the catalog by clicking here!

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