Simple? yes. Easy? no.

“Oh. So you don’t work?”

Have you been a situation and received this question?

They said, “What do you do?”

You said, “I’m a stay at home mom.”

And then… that.

And then you sit there, feeling small. You laugh because, well, it’s hilarious.


You never STOP working. You never stop moving. You never stop serving. You never get breaks, or days off, or hot meals, or enough sleep. Yes, on paper it’s simple. On paper being a stay at home mom is a simple. But it’s never easy.

Direct Sales is also like that.


J, Q, and G in 2013

It’s the same dismissive response sometimes when you tell people what you do. “Oh. How nice for you to not have to go to work.”

Yes, it is nice for me. It’s super nice for me. It’s a miracle for me!


just because my business is simple, doesn’t mean that I don’t have to go to work.

Like being a SAHM; just because it’s a simple concept, that doesn’t always mean it is easily executed.

My direct sales business is much like raising my babies. It started out small and slow. There was extra downtime because needs were small and the required attention was basic. It was a scary and exciting time, there was a learning curve, but it really was not hard.


Then, as growth occurred, I learned that I need to learn! If I’m going to raise this up into something big and exciting, something helpful and good, I’m going to have to be willing to stretch and grow too.

And I had to show up. Daily. Sometimes I showed up to do simple, automatic tasks and sometimes I show up to do big scary things. But I never leave my business to it’s own devices just like I would never leave my children to their own devices.

I follow a system that is simple and I won’t quit when it’s hard.

I’ll take care of my business.

Because even though it’s hard to grow a business, it’s also incredibly rewarding.

Just like watching these kids growing up.


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