Goal: Check!

When the UPS guy handed me a package this afternoon, he had no idea he was handing me an accomplished goal. He had no idea that the flat bit of cardboard in his hand held what was once just a pipe dream. A someday, maybe.

He couldn’t know that it wasn’t just a package for me alone. The contents also belong to a huge team of women who cheered me on. Who supported me. Who told me I could, and should, and would. And did.

I’m the girl who can’t ask for help, but they helped me anyway. I’m the girl who thought she couldn’t finish anything that takes longer than 3 days, but they cheered me through 6 weeks. I’m the girl who didn’t know anything about being successful with direct sales and didn’t believe I could be, and over the course of the past year, they empowered me to prove myself wrong.

It’s teamWORK. We all work hard to bring to the table the best of ourselves. To hold one another accountable, have our team’s backs, and cheer each other on. We reach down to our teams to pull them up, because someone is doing the same for us. We, none of us, can do it alone.

She believed she could, so she did. #AdventuresWithMarissa


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